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Published on April 25, 2019

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In January 2019, I called to cancel my account. I returned my phone on time, paid what I was told all that I owed. I asked for a zero balance letter I never received. in March I get a letter stating that I am about to have my services cancelled. I call and they looked at the account apologized and said that they were closing out the account and that I owed nothing. 4/23/19 I receive a bill for 343. i call and I’m told it was for an early termination fee for the phone I returned. I told them that is not what the bill says. The bill says it is for the phone. they escalate it to three different people. The last person says that is for the termination of the phone, but they will split the bill. i pay again half of the bill and tell them I am going to retain a lawyer because three times I have asked for a letter stating that the account is closed and that I have a zero balance they have refused.

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I want the 174 dollars back. They have mishandled my account since January causing me to be on the phone numerous times for an hour at a time. They have recordings from my conversations so they clearly know that they told me that the issues were resolved. I was with sprint for 14 years, and have paid my bill religiously

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