Sprint Complaint

Sprint Complaint

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Sprint sales rep promoted items falsely sprint was aware of no sign contract on devices that were later billed into my contract no resolution but small reimbursement that will roll back over to sprint. No feed back on actions. Constant follow ups on my behalf that led to a dead end. Robbery on the blind because I still ended up paying for items that sprint should of been accounted and held liable for as per fraudulent sale transaction. Last but not least few months ago I called in to close the account and made a payment no only did I say more than once “are you sure once I make this payment I am done with sprint” the rep also continued to state that he will follow up with me do to the multiple discussions on my account. I made payment and thought at this time I was done with them after the long, horrible, stressful, misleading, unprofessional, corrupted company I’ve dealt with ever. And today I receive a letter that the bill is sent to collections when all this time I was not only think thank goodness I will never deal with sprint but was told by Sprint I am done. Not only is this unjust this is affecting me personally.

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I will like for them to take accountability and whatever it may take to not have this so call funds into collections. I don’t have anymore time and money for sprint.

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