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Published on April 26, 2019

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On February 3, 2019, I was chatting on the internet with a AT&T representative named Steve. Steve provided me with information about an AT&T plan because I was thinking of switching from Sprint.

I asked about keeping my phone number, and after I provided the numbers, Steve told me I could do that. During this chat I placed the order. However, about 15 minutes later, while I was still on the chat with Steve a woman named Breana, saying she was from a company called Enjoy Tech, arrived at my door saying that she was delivering the phones I had ordered and asking me to pay $1805.24.

I told Steve, through the chat, what was going on. He advised that I not make this payment, as he did not think AT&T collected money this way. Steve suggested that I go to AT&T store to get the phones, and set up an appointment for me to do so. However, I was so disconcerted by this person arriving at my door unexpectedly that I refused the devices and told Breana to cancel the order. She cancelled the order. I believed that she was cancelling the entire order- for both devices and service and thought that was the end of it. I never received AT&T phones, and continued to pay Sprint without interruption of service. I have retained the digital transcript of the entire online chat, including me relaying my interactions with Breana to Steve.

Despite the cancellation, 10 days later, I received a bill dated 2/4/19 from AT&T stating that I owed $403.09 and that it had been auto debited from my bank account. I disputed the charge through my bank.

I then called AT&T and said I had cancelled the order immediately after I made it. Nobody could help me throughout multiple calls. Finally, after many calls and promises, I spoke to Tashanra ID#****** on 3/19/19 and she finally told me the order had been cancelled, not to worry, and that my balance will be $0.

Despite this, AT&T sent me a bill dated 4/18/19 saying that I owe them $2345.24.

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