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Published on April 27, 2019

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Comcast charged me twice in the amount of $62.36 I had called asking why, and asking them to reimburse me, the representative that I spoke to (Albert) and he said he would reimburse the $62.36 to my debit account in 3 business days. I also said I didn’t want to pay the FULL months bill because my internet was not working for a week and a half so I decided to cancel and he said there would be a “cancellation fee” of $90 BUT they would waive it due to the “inconvenience” of charging me TWICE AND my internet NOT WORKING for over a week. Now.. weeks has gone by still no money in my account. I call again and a representative by the name of Paula , employee id #******* stating it would be reimburse 3 business days BUT NOW there is a $43.06 balance due because of the cancellation fee, she ASSURED me I was NOT going to get charged those $43.06 and I look on my account and I got charged .. in total now $167.78 and it’s been a month and I still have yet to receive my money back. I called about 20 minutes ago the representative I spoke to said the previous representative (Paula) did not document ANY conversation between her and I and only Albert was the only one documented.. this is ridiculous. This needs to be fixed!

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