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Published on April 28, 2019

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In August 2018, I was convinced by a sales representative to change my existing plan to a new plan being offered by Sprint at that time. He explained the advantages of the new plan and, apparently, it had real advantages to me, so I decided to change the plan.

One of the most important feature for me in the new plan was the international calling plan. I emphasized many times that in my existing mobile plan I had this international plan that provides a discounted rate to call Brazil and I would like to keep that, not only for me but to my entire family because we call Brazil frequently. The Sales Representative told me that he had transferred all lines to the new plan and showed me, on the screen, that all lines had the new international plan as an add-on.

Surprisingly, a couple of months later I start to receive bills with these huge balance due. Initially, I thought was just the fees the Sales Representative told that I should expect because of the upgrade to the new phones and other fees. However, after three months of receiving a huge balance due, I check the details of the account and noticed that my international calls were being charged at $2.00/min instead of the $25c/min as the international plan I emphasized I wanted was stating.

I contacted Sprint Customer Service to fix the situation and after an initial annoying back and forth via e-mails and phone calls, they accepted to give me the credit of all international call wrongly changed to my account totalling approximate $1400,00. Again, I emphatically expressed to the Scalation Agent that the international calling plan was essential to all my lines and she said that the feature had been added to my lines.

For another few months, I was happy because I was noticing the Sprint crediting my account back and my balance due was either $0 or the amount expected. However, in 2019 I started noticing the amount due again unexpected high. When I checked the details, I’ve noticed that they were changing my international calls $2.00/min again.

So, once more I contacted the Customer Services to fix the situation but after another round of me explaining my situation four or five times to several representatives, including a manager and a scalation agent, he told me that they can only refund 50% of the charges. Their argument is that the plan had finished and they didn’t have a comparable plan to move me to and just canceled the feature of ONLY one of my lines.

The questions are:

1. If the plan expired, why it didn’t expire for all lines?

2. If the first settlement, yet in December, was to credit me the entire wrongfully charged amount, why this time the decision is to credit only 50%?

3. Why did I need to explain the company over and over that I want the international calling plan to all my lines?

4. Why these changes are happening in my account with no authorization from me?

5. Doesn’t the company need to communicate me any alteration to my plan either to allow me to choose another plan or to inform me about upcoming changes?

I have the documents I signed with Sprint since 2016, including the change to the plan in 2018 and all of them show clearly that I had the international calling plan as one of the add-ons to my account to support my case.

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Refund the overcharge amount. Calculate all calls we’ve made since December 2018 using the $25c/minute and credit my account back the amount I overpaid plus $4000 for all hours, stress, annoyance and humiliation I had to go through to have my rights respected.

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