DISH Network Complaint

DISH Network Complaint

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I ordered Dish services by phone the middle of March 2019. I placed the order for the basic service installation with the cost being 59.99 plus tax and a one time install fee of 49.00 The tech showed up about 8 days later to install. I informed him that my wife had M/S and was sensitive to electricity especially ungrounded current. I showed him the bonding block near the meter and he said it would be no problem.I had to leave for an appointment ,i asked how much longer he would be ,he replied about 20 minutes . i said thanks and he would be gone before i got back.I was gone about 2 1/2 hours and upon my return the tech was still here. I asked what was going on and he said he installed a surround system, I ask what the hell i did not want that . He had taken a card from my wife and ran it twice. I checked my bank at 3am and 876.00 dollars had been deducted from my account and all this while under Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. This purchase was not authorized by me or the bankruptcy trustee. Today is April 30th and i have just now gotten a box which is to small to ship all their equipment back .When i discovered the deduction from the account I called and cancelled the service less than 24 hours after installation, now they want to charge me an early termination fee for an unauthorized contract and the system was not even grounded which caused my wife great discomfort .The tech from charter informed me of the missing ground.I would like for them to get their equipment and refund me all charges to include all fees i was charged for no money in the account because of this unethecial conduct. What is wrong with the company and its training program ?

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