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Published on April 30, 2019

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First of all I’ve been a direct tv customer for 14 years. Ever since at&t took over that company has gone down hill. My first complaint is every 3 months I have to call and go over my bill because there is crap charges on there and channels I never ordered that I’m being charged with it happens every time I look at my bill.

Complaint 2 is your customer support SUCKS. They are a bunch of animals that either just laugh at you or pretend they dont understand you hoping that u just hang up and u guys can just keep ripping me off.

Complaint 3 I called and actually got someone that could help me and after they heard I was treated they knocked my bill down to 45 bucks a month for a year. But the following month I was charged over 100 bucks again and there was no sign of my discount. And one of your customer support animals just laughed at me and kept telling me to just pay the bill before she could help me.

Complaint 4 is I told u guys 50 times to not call my cell phone and ask me for money I’ve been a customer for 14 years and u always got your money there’s no need to bother me at work. But every month I would get a call from u. And your calls are not just a friendly reminder u owe money. Here’s what happens u call me then put me on hold for 5 minutes then your transferred to a rude idiot who can barely read her script. After explaining to her that I’m at work I dont have time for this she promises not to call again only to have that promise broke the next day. My last week with u guys I got called every day and 5 times the day I finally had enough and quit.

Next complaint is I had to call 11 times to cancell my service because they hope your just gunna give up and pay your bill.

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