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Published on May 1, 2019

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I signed up for a Direct TV movers package which included a free phone (LG Stylo 4 +) as part of placing my direct tv on suspension vs. cancelling. I went through the order process and excepted the terms and conditions and within a couple of housr received an email stating that my order was cancelled due to my not agreeing to the terms and conditions which I did. The next day I spent 1 hour and 3 minutes on the phone with someone in India trying to fix the issue. We made it through the order and I acepted the terms and conditions with the rep on the phone and read back to her the response I received from the email saying I was all set. Within a few hours my order was cancelled again for not excepting the terms of service. The following day I tried again talking with someone in India and spent 1 hour and 13 minutes on the phone, when it was time to except the terms and conditions the web site would not allow me to except so she gave me some code to put in and it went through. Within 2 hours the order was cancelled again. On the 4th day I tried again and was on the phone for 2 hours and 47 minutes and the rep in India could not fix the issue and just gave up and walked me through ordering through the online store. Once I completed that I accepted the terms and conditions and it said I was successful and gave me tracking for my order. The next morning the order was cancelled because they said they could not verify who I was? I had service with straight talk and was trying to port the number to ATT. They ported the number to god knows where, my current carrier has no record of my number or account and now I have no wireless service at all. I went to the ATT store in Moore OK today to resolve the issue and they could find the order in their system saying that I accepted the terms of service but no order information? In addition each time I tried to fix this my credit was checked and my credit card was billed $25.00. The store tried to get me the promised free phone but when they ran my credit I guess it fell under the qualifying limit because they ran my credit 5 times. They told me I could buy a phone and pre-pay for service. So now I sit here, a combat veteran, with no phone, a high jacked phone number, credit damage, no cell service with my old carrier and I have to pay to file for arbitration as well as go and buy a cell phone at wal-mart and pre-pay for something I already had. This is a travesty at best! Please help, they can not be allowed to treat the consumer this way or cause negative impact on the consumers credit or financial well being. I have all of the emails and orders associated with this problem. ATT order# **********, **********, **********. I tried to call ATT to get the number to thsir legal department only to be told they did not know what it was or how to get it???

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