AT&T Wireless Complaint

AT&T Wireless Complaint

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I paid off my bill nd was clear in december 2018 was my last bill nd i was up to date went to labor jad a baby on 12/28/2018 i received a email from at&t saying one of the payment for 9/21 was reversed on 12/26 so i have to pay 111$ same month i was like ok nd than i contacted at&t cauz i never received tht 95.67$ in my bank either tht at&t is claiming to be reversed i spoke to a manager name paul he said they will figure out wat happened nd dnt make payments until its figured out hes gona shut my service down which he did nd no one responded back about 95.67 which they didnt , than i received another email saying i have to pay 210 past due 111$ i said ok so my service was shut i had to go to hospital for my baby so i contacted at&t regarding service which they ssid i wouldn’t be charged i said ok same day my phone fell i couldnt hear or make a call evrytime i did was told service is down wrn i just got service back same day i contacted at&t thru call nd went to store met a manager paul told him he said he fixed it never mentioner about me getting charge another 35$ i camr home same thing went back sae another manager rauf he said its fixed no mention of charge evrrytime recently i paid 95.67 in feb out of 210 nd saw i was charged 580$ to be paid i contacted at&t spoke to a manager sebastain he said it was error billing department will call me nd fix it i waited no one did i contacted them again next day they said someone will tomorrow than it was going on for about 2 weeks no one did i gave them my hubby number to be contacted cauz my service was shut since jan 2019 so i was supposed to be owed only 210 +35 for service which i paid 95.67 out of 245$ ,than some lady called me from at&t didnt get her name but she called me stupid nd laughed at my last name nd hang up i complained to at&t they ssid a manager will call me.which no one did i went to at&t store wen my service was shut told them evrrything about phone not wrking they gavr me sim twice still nothing than spoke to manager sebastain he literally said it was error someone will call me grom billing department nd fix it i waited no one did contacted them again manager matt p was the one i spoke told him everything he just left the chat than got manager shelly who was super rude nd said i have to pay doesnt matter wat happened she ssid she will make sure its put in tht it wad not error i told her wat happener how i contacted at&t still she said she will send it to collection 915$ i ssid ill speak to a lawyer she said go ahead she will make me a liar nd say im lying nd prove me wrong

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