Boost Mobile Complaint

Boost Mobile Complaint

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My son recently purchased a phone from Boost Mobile. My Boost phone died and we intended to upgrade our three phones. They did not carry the phone my son wanted, so he purchased it from Best Buy. When he went to transfer the data from his old phone, they did not carry the SIM card required, and as usual, they provided terrible service. We decided to switch our service to Verizon. Even after we paid off the phone, they refused to unlock it so we could transfer it to Verizon. To add insult to injury, when we tried to sell the phone, Sprint told the potential buyer that we still owed on the phone. We have a $600+ phone that is useless. They are using their power to bully their customers into staying with them.

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All I want is for them to unlock the phone so we can bring it to Verizon or resell it.

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