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Published on May 3, 2019

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I just previously had problems with this company. My bill was $493….. I had a payment scheduled of $311.72 on April 28th and the remainder of $182 in May. They credited my account on April 29 for $130. I paid $311.72 on April 26th. So I only had $51 left. Now I had wanted to change over from Verizon to ATT and had called three times and was told I could switch over and didn’t need to pay anything. The first time I was told I could change over and no credit check and at the end he tried to run my credit. Then I was told nothing needed to be paid then I was told on May the 4th that my account was in collections. May 5th I assumed over the payment arrangement of $182 yet it should have been taken off when I got the credit I had been waiting for. So I called and talked to a SUPERVISOR NAMED MISSY and she said she would take off the collections/ arrangement and would fix it and that I wouldn’t need to pay $51 which is my balance just to port my numbers over. Hours later nothing is fixed and I am still in collections and being told by someone I still need to pay and still in collections. Never got my rewards cards that I was supposed to get for signing up online yet got kicked out and they set me up but promised my cards. I am tired of this company and if my Verizon bill wasn’t $800 a month I wouldn’t want to come here bc it is a lie that ATT is better. Within 3 days I have spent over 6 hours dealing with this and nothing solved but people that I can’t understand and they ask stuff I never even spoke about bc they can’t understand me. I never got my rewards cards I was promised in the beginning from them not being able to find my online order and then setting me up over the phone and promising the cards and I still was offered discounts on my internet after it was set up that I didn’t get. Now I have been told I have to pay $51 by a manager named Mark when Missy the other Manager told me I didn’t have to in order to switch over from Verizon. I am coming from another company and a new customer and being treated like this. It is truly sad

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