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Published on May 6, 2019

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I bought my phone unlocked for 900.00 at Best Buy. My husband had an account at boost so I joined his account. I got horrible service and was not happy with any part of the service. So we switched to T-Mobile. Well T-Mobile said my phone was locked by boost. I paid cash for my iPhone XR. I called boost to unlock it and they told me no and that I have to have active service for 12 months. I said no I have a Boyd and I paid cash and boost is a prepaid service. I called 15 times to boost and apple. Apple told post they need to unlock the phone and after four different senior reps they said they would unlock it. I have boost saying it in chat as well and I screenshot those. And I call today and ask y my phone was not unlocked they said they are not unlocking it. Ever. Unless I have 12 months of service. I have to sell my phone through T-Mobile and take a big loss and downgraded and I owe on my new iPhone 8’s.

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I want them to pay the phone I have now off. And the week I had no phone for them lying. And something for the time I spent on the phone and being late on paying my bills. I pay them all on apps that I couldn’t get into

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