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Published on May 6, 2019

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In January of 2019 I paid my Sprint bill and asked to terminate service in February and Port my iPhone number to MCS mobile. I explained that I was retired and couldn’t afford the services and needed my phone unlocked since I owned it, and was planning to keep my number. In February I had difficulty with MCS overload and couldn’t get any service so I asked Spring to get me one month on the senior discount plan: $49. When I called back to Sprint, I arranged a $19.99 basic package to keep my iPhone number active until time to port it. I lost my sim card for porting and just got an inexpensive unlocked phone to set up my new phone account with MCS. At the end of March I went to pay my phone bill and it was $288.00. I was shocked! I have not used the phone!! And was never able to successfully port the number!!

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Billing correction for Feb, March, April and now May. I owe nothing to Sprint at this point and believe damages owed me for loss of potential income from phone consultation are due to me.

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