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Published on May 6, 2019

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In November of 2018 I did a BOGO deal. I upgraded my phone to an xs max iPhone and got my son a free iPhone 8. A couple days after I placed my order I was emailed and told that the iPhone 8 was back ordered and I would have to wait until mid January to get it. I was bummed out as the phone was a present for my son for xmas. I called to see if I could just pick a different phone and was told I could not as I would lose my BOGO deal if I canceled the order. So I decided to just wait. On Jan 12 I finally go the phone and activated it right away. I was told my BOGO deal was fine and that after a few months it I would start getting credited for it. However, here we are in May and Im still paying for it so I contacted ATT to see what the issue was, after hours being passed around the system and much stress I was told that because the phones weren’t activated within 15 days that I don’t qualify for BOGO. This is ridiculous. The phone not getting to me in time was completely out of my hands. I even tried to cancel due to time constraints but was told I couldn’t or I would lose the BOGO deal. Now Im losing it anyway? This is very unjust. I do not want to go to small claims but I will if this is not fixed immediately. I have all the att transcription emails to back up when ordered this phone as well as all the emails telling me the phone was back ordered. And the transcriptions for my conversations trying to get this fixed and it going no where. I have had panic attacks and migraines due to this issue. Please fix this on my account.

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