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Published on May 8, 2019

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I have been unable to access my online account, and therefore have tried to pay over the phone. Multiple times this has been bounced, even though there are no issues with my financial accounts, and this has lead to multiple cancellations and reinstatement with changing order numbers. I have never been able to get in contact with someone for a resolution as several of the verizon phone numbers will drop my call as soon as I type my phone number in, leading me to believe that they are deliberately trying to push my account into collections. I have also tried to cancel my account in the past and have been told that the there is only one office that can do that, even though I am only paying a month-to-month plan, and should be able to cancel online. I have since also tried to contact that office to cancel my contract, and have been unable to get through, as it will drop the call on me, telling me to have “my phone number and account number ready, and call back” before anything is even done or I have chance to put any information in. I have already disconnected the router that I was forced to get, and also cannot get information on where to send it back. I have already replaced my internet service weeks ago, but despite hours and days of wait time have been unable to get through to a person who can help. Any department I get to (technical service, customer service, sales, etc.) will tell me that they are the wrong department and then “transfer me”, at which point the call is disconnected.

Having gone through the escalation team (CASE(*******) (CASE********)) I not received adequate responses, as I still cannot log in to my account, and when Verizon charged me again on May 6th, 2019, the money was pulled from my account and then returned, and I have been provided no adequate explanation other than “verizon could not find the account” which is blatantly false, as they were able to pull the money (twice!) in the first place. Calls still drop while discussing my case, and I have reached the point where they refuse to send me a label to return my router, although they claim it was previously sent (which I have records indicating that I didn’t not select this). I have been in multiple calls with verizon, their finance team, and their executive office, and they have been wholy unwilling to provide any actual support. I have received several back to back mixed messages, including being told by one team that my account is still open, and another saying that it is closed, but that it will not be properly closed until I sent my router in. They then proceed to pretend they sent me a label, and refuse to send it by email or even provide that as an option until I asked, and the address they gave me to return my router is not an authorized verizon location nor is it an authorized retailer. The money they took from my account is on record as being taken, and then being returned, so they claim that i would have to enroll in autopay to resolve that, which would lead to my order being reopened, giving me no actual method by which to resolve this. They also refused multiple times to send me to a supervisor or to the escalation team until I threatened legal action, and during my calls with the escalation team, on more than one occasion they hung up with out explanation, with no follow – up or call backs.

They have also falsely claimed on several occasions that information was sent electronically, when nothing was sent of that nature. Similarly, the “confirmation” that I received regarding my account cancellation was over the phone, so as to prevent leaving a paper trail.

I suspect that they let my payment bounce so as to retaliate by sending it to collections, whereby they can totally avoid direct confrontation.This is deeply unethical, inappropriate, and deliberately evasive on Verizon’s part, and so I am taking them to court.

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