Verizon Wireless Complaint

Published on May 8, 2019

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On March 11 th I went into a Verizon dealer 2 purchase 2 phones and a watch the guy ran my credit and got my credentials due to my license being one week expired he said the computer is asking for a home bill like electric bill and a social security card are you able to bring those things in and we can sell you the devices . I said I’m a bit tired but ok I’ll go home and retrieve what your asking for He said ok I’ll just hold this under my desk until you return. Once I returned he ran my credit I picked a plan and he told me the monthly amount. There was another man in there that was showing me a cheaper plan I stepped over to talk to him , I then heard a voice say who phones are these , the guy that was helping me said it’s the lady over there he said oh no I’m not letting all this inventory walk out the door and she doesn’t have a down payment 2 phones and a watch ! I then turned around to see who this guy was making all the fuss. He was in front of my items that were already rung up I said excuse me who are you , because he was on his lunch when I came into the store when I went home to get social card and a bill , and when the guy ran my credit and when the guy went in the back to retrieve the devices he wasn’t around so out the blue your saying you can’t let all this inventory walk out the door ? He said I’m the manger and I said this is too much inventory to let walk out the door I said why because I don’t have to pay a down payment because of good credit. He said no because your license is expired I said I ts one week out feb25 expired it’s march 11 th it’s coming in the mail any day my renewed license and that didn’t stop me from opening with At& t I’m told as long as it isn’t 30 days he said I’m sorry but I’m not letting you leave with these devices . Once you get your new license come back in. Due to this discrimination I was forced to get phones with sprint . On March 12th I did get phones with sprint . I returned on March 13 th to Verizon the guy started apologizing right away saying that further investigation the situation and talking with the guys that he was wrong and I could have left with the phones , he said I’m so sorry I treated you that way . I said I went to dmv here is the renewal because of the way you treated me when I told you I was having theses same issues with at&t and bad coustomer service with sprint and it’s 2 weeks now I don’t have a phone and it’s not my credit I’m not doing anything wrong and you still were rude and nasty . You wouldn’t have did this to another non black lady and I no you would have not he said I’m sorry I said now i have the phone and I’m forced to go with a company I did not want to go with . He said you can have any phone case covers screen protectors for your phone pick out something anything , I said I have case and protector on my phone he said you can get a case and protector screen for your sons phone . I told my son the ordeal and told him go get your free protector he said mom do you realize he was being racist they would have done that to a white Women or man or any race . I’m not going to get anything from him. Once I thought about the way I was treated and handled that day I became angry all over again because he was right and so was I to feel the way he made me feel discriminated against decided that the pain I felt that day that caused me anxiety I couldn’t forget . I asked the guy can you give me the credit application back he said he didn’t run your credit I said oh yes he ran my credit that’s why you said something about no down payment , and I saw the paperwork he said oh that was just an estimate I said no he ran my credit because he told me he did , he said I assure you he did not. What he doesn’t know is that I have a credit monitor on my credit anytime it’s ran it alerts me but that wasn’t for him to know I said ok I’ll deal with this later and I left.

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