Frontier Communications Complaint

Frontier Communications Complaint

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November of 2017 I moved from Aberdeen, ID to Pocatello, ID promising to transfer services to my new address. They instead created a new account under the new address, making it more difficult to discuss the correct account. After move in they were unable to provide service due to a hill right next to the apartment preventing a direct line to the tower. I called and asked where to go and they agreed to terminate the account due to their inability to provide services. I then contracted with Centurylink. And maintained with them until July of 2018. During this time i kept recieving emailed statements from frontier regarding my account, i would call and dispute and would be told that it was inaccurate on there part and because I moved it wouldnt make sense to keep charging me. Sure enough the next month I would get an aditional statement. Until finally May of 2018 i call in again and spoke with a gentleman who was very helpful and informed me the account was still open and clised it and promised to take care of the retro charges that were inaccurate from November of 2017-that present time. I did not here anything from Feontier Communications at that time until August of 2018 I found an account in collections from frontier through a company called Credit Control Corporation. I imediately began disputing with them, gathering the evidence. The disputation process lasted from August 2018- May 8th, 2019 when i was finally informed Frontier would not remove the account. During this time I attempted to call Frontier, the customer service rep was awful and rude, refused to pull my calls as evidence unless I could give the specific date the call was made. Now I’m told I won’t be taken to court so I can dispute this in court to haveit removed off my cresit, all i can do is pay the 255 dollars and have the account updated to paid.

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