DISH Network Complaint

Published on May 8, 2019

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I signed up for Dish Network late August 2018. I was not informed that Dish was in negotiations with HBO and Cinamax and that there was a possibility of loss of programing. On November 1st Dish claims that HBO and Cimamax have stopped making their signal available to Dish. Both HBO and Dish dispute this statement from Dish. I contacted Dish about the loss of the channels and was told that they only expected the interruption to be temporary. I canceled my service paid my bill less the early cancel fee in full as well as all equipment returned. I was contacted by a company named Convergent just under 90 times in 3 weeks (I have the phone records). I told the representative from Convergent I was not going to pay the early termination and not to contact me about this 3 times on the first two days of them calling me. They continued to call me with an automatic dialing system several times a day and filling up my voicemail. I feel this is a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

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