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Published on May 9, 2019

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Dear Sir, I hope you have time to see my email. I am a victim of Internet fraud by Mr. Justin G******. I bought Tv LG Oled from him on April,10,19. He was expecting 900. but he did not want to pay a fee for eBay or PayPal. so he asked me if I can make payment through Apple pay or google pay or PayPal he will charge me 800 USD. I did try to method it did not work for me. Then we tried PayPal. He asked me to make payment Friend and family so he won’t get any fee. He told me you can trust me. I was so excited to buy a TV for my daughter so I did not think that he scamming me. And I made a transaction to Mr.Justin G****** of USD 800 for buying TV LG Oled. He said It won’t be an issue because you will get your Tracking number tomorrow. Still, I am waiting for the tracking number. I trusted him. Made Payment of 800 USD. After making payment his phone was turned off. He was not replying my message, text, phone calls. I do have all the documents between Me and Justin that He did fraud to me. After I research about him He is not the residence of New York. He leaves in Tennessee. He scammed many people last few years. If you need I will submit all the documents. Still, his account is active on Ebay and PayPal to scam other people. If you need more evidence I would like to provide you. I did contact PayPal they told me to file a legal complaint. Paypal can not reimburse my money because I did through friends and family. I hope you can help me out someway. My bank told me to contact Paypal. I already filed complain with Federal trade commission and IC3 online. If you need a copy I would like to provide you. Here I am submitting this email with lots of hope that you will see my email and justice will favor me. Thanks for your valuable time.

Whatever I stated in this description its true and fact. I hope Mr. Justin won’t do fraud with other people. Thank you.


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