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Published on May 9, 2019

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January 7, 2019 I went to ATT store on Westlake Ave N, Seattle, 98109, WA to get my existing prepaid ATT number converted to ATT postpaid because I had to travel out of the country and ATT prepaid stops working outside USA.

The ATT Representative talked about BOGO offer and was willing to give me the offer only if I could add one more line. I did not want to add a new line and did not want to buy a phone without the offer. I casually mentioned about another prepaid connection I had in my name. ATT representative asked if I wanted to get that converted and I will be eligible for the offer if I add that to my account. That did not seem like bad idea.

Though I did not need both the phones to be converted as I was the only person working at the time and only needed my phone to be ported to ATT postpaid, the offer seemed safe.

Three months after I enquired on Apr 29th 2019 about the credit for second phone to ATT over chat and call and spoke to multiple agents. Each told me a different reason that I am not eligible for BOGO. Frustrated I raised a complaint that also did not resolve.

One of the reason I got was that the phones were not purchased on same day. However I had emails that shows the billing date to be same – Jan 7th 2019.

Other reason I got was that second line should be a new line and therefore I am not eligible. I told each representative that I had clarified that with ATT representative on Westlake Ave N and that he mentioned that I will be eligible.

The agent who looked into the case called to confirm that I am not eligible did not seem apologetic as I could hear her laugh towards the end of the call while we were still discussing.

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