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Published on May 9, 2019

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I M******** M account number XXXXX4884 I purchased 3 wireless phone devices 2 iPhone 8pluses and one iPhone X which was purchased April 2,2018 I took one of my devices in for repair early Feb 2019 and was given a loaner phone I received an email stating that my device was repaired and ready for pick up two weeks later just to arrive and receive my broken device in the same condition as left it in. I asked the representative why my phone had not been repaired? he stated “I closed out the account and reported it stolen”. I told him I am going to keep the loaner phone longer since my device had not been repaired and he called me a thief! He said he is going to report my loaner phone stolen. I immediately handed him the phone(loaner). I just took my iPhone directly to the Apple store because I had sprint complete insurance as well as apple care insurance It was more convenient to use sprint complete insurance or as I thought. I EVENTLY had to go to apple store in Green Hills 45mins drive away from my home after leaving Madison TN Sprint store another 45min drive away from my home. Not to mention with this dumb ass racist Sprint store Representative. Sprint took my Apple care insurance completely off my phone WITHOUT informing ME. Had the loaner phone as if I purchased it and the phone I purchased STOLEN labeling me as a thief I spent weeks 40+hours remedying this situation through 34 different NOT TRAINED Sprint Call Center representatives(guinea pigs)AND 4 APPLE Call Center representative. THERE GOES my confidentiality forget about HIPPAA laws. 6 hours in Apple store and they located and verified to several sprint representatives that the phone they reported stolen was IN FACT MY PHONE THEY ALSO ADDED ANOTHER PHONE TO MY ACCOUNT WHICH I NEVER purchased embarrassing me and completely wasting my time and money but most important my integrity.

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