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Published on May 9, 2019

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I rented a 2 Bd-2 Bth Condo in Las Vegas (4/24-29/19) for $1086.00 through Airbnb. The host owners name is Peter. First, just pulling up to Peter’s unit in the farrr back of the complex and not the same building in his advertised pictures is misleading and misrepresenting. Up the unmentioned 16 flight of stairs and no elevator for the disabled or handicapped, we entered the unit and “Immediately” found it UNSANITARY, the stench of stale water and filthy, dirty towels on the floor and a balcony chair. There was peeling paint on entrance door and tv counsel stand. It was also UNSAFE, I cut on the a/c and it leaked from the ceiling and FLOODED the floor, which Peter acknowledges that he at least knew the day before the a/c was faulty. Thirdly we were UNSATISFIED, one of tvs in bedroom 2 was not working, filthy who knows what was on bed linens and yes we were definitely “stun” by Peter’s descriptive of a Las Vegas strip/skyline view because none of the pictures he advertises can you see from his unit. Yes a handyman came and was immediately doused with water when he opened the a/c vent, he tinkered with the a/c and said himself the unit shouldn’t been rented at this time, but call him if needed. He then left soak and wet and left the wet towels on the floor never mopping, sanitizing or cleaning anything. This went on from 4pm-12am, 8 hours, it’s like I clocked in to tell Peter his problems in this unit, but instead of getting paid for my time Airbnb and Peter want me to pay them , I DON’T THINK SO!!! I’ve reported this incident to my bank and they are disputing any charges, I’ve reported this to KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas and KCBS Channel 2 Los Angeles Investigative Reporting. I’m want to file suit against airbnb and Peter whoever, for my rental fees, plus one night stay at Excalibur Hotel and 4 night stay at Homewood Suites in Las Vegas for false advertisement, faulty and filthy accommodations, financial and emotional hardship and whatever else I can prove ( I have photos, videos, screen shots of all phone calls, texts and emails) to support my claim.

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Refund my initial $1086.00, plus $200.00 Excalibur Hotel and $854.00 Homewood Suites, plus $300.00 for me, my wife, son’s mental and emotional stress.

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