Frontier Communications Complaint

Published on May 10, 2019

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Frontier is attempting to collect $149 for a service I did not agree to.

In April 2017, I made a call for Frontier to ask if they offered Fiber in my area ([…]) and a internet speed higher than 30Mbps. I was told over the phone that they do offer Fiber and a speed of 64Mbps. I made sure to explicitly state that I only wanted the service if it was Fiber and was affirmed by the sales rep that that was the case and he scheduled a time for a technician to come out.

The technician happened to come while I was in class and I to this day do not know how the technician got into my home. We think my roommates’ friend might have been in the apartment, but we do not believe he should have been able to authorize the installation. Regardless, the technician came without me or any lease owners permission and installed a modem on a phone line. When I got home later that evening I did a speed test and I was getting under 1Mbps.

When I called Frontier’s customer service, the rep said he doesn’t know why the sales rep said there was Fiber in my area and that they don’t have a stable connection there yet. I said I am not interested in the service if it is not what we agreed on and disconnected the service.

After I disconnected, I was told I need to pay $149 for the installation of the non-Fiber internet service I did not want. There is no documentation or proof of me agreeing to pay for this service and Customer Service knows. They refuse to disregard the fee despite that fact.

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