AT&T Complaint

AT&T Complaint

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In the approximate month of October of 2018, AT&T in home specialist approached me while I was working in my garage and introduced herself as Heather with AT&T. She was soliciting business and contracts on behalf of AT&T. I informed her that I was happy with my service that I already had internet with AT&T, and that I was on a fixed income and could not afford any more than what I was paying with my current services. She ensured me that she could get me or service for approximately 10 $10 a month including unlimited talk and text, in which I was greatly interested because of my service with my current provider, which was Verizon at the time. I informed her that I had just purchased a new cell phone and that it was paid off. She ensured me that she this bundle package would include a free phone from AT&T and that I would only be required to pay installment fee, which was $19.95. Additionally, I would receive a total of $350.00 in Visa cards for switching to A$&T. I only received $250.00 in Visa cards from them.

Upon receiving my first bill, I noticed that it was extremely high almost $200. I called AT&T customer service and they informed me that credits will be applied to my account within the next three billing cycles. In the month of February I noticed that my bill was still much higher than it was supposed to have been. I phoned AT&T again and they explain to me that I was paying installments on the LG Stylo 4+ that I had purchased with Heather, and this was all done right here in my home. I explained to them that Heather the representative and informed me that the phone would be free. They informed me that the contract they had on file indicated installment plans for the phone. I tried contacting Heather, but her number was no longer in service for her and was assigned to a young man by the name of Marcus. I left a message and he returned my call and informed me again that the difference in my bill will be credited back to my account. After I explained to him the issue with the alleged free cell phone, he ensured me that he would take care of it. I have been fighting with AT&T ever since on trying to get my bill corrected. I have spoken with AT&T Representatives, I have called the corporate office and no one seems to be able to put this right. I have attached a copy of Heather’s handwritten notes on her promises. The contract document that Heather left with me, in the areas that indicated any kind of contract obligation to me, she had “X”ed out, with the exception for Direct TV. But she turned in a different contract to AT&T.

Heather is no longer an employee with AT&T. I reached out to, which is a community website, to ask anyone if they had experience this with AT&T In-home specialist coming to their home and frauding them into contracts. A young man employed with AT&T responded and gave me a call. He went over my service contract and informed me that I was definitely being overcharged for my cable plus Direct TV service, line access, and cell phone usage. I called AT&T back to inform them of these discrepancies, but again they would not assist me with any adjustments. 

In researching AT&T forums and Better Business Bureau, I have come across many consumers who have been frauded in this way by In-home specialist who work for AT&T. (, The sad part about this is that AT&T will not take any responsibility for their Contractor In-home specialist who are frauding consumers. They are only concerned about obtaining contracts and getting the dollar. This is unacceptable, and individuals who are on set income, or not, should not be taken advantage in this way by them or any other organization.

I have detailed notes in an email I had created in regards to this entire situation and will try to attach them or will have them on hand for you at any time. Please see attached email notes in regards to this situation. Any assistance you can give me will be greatly appreciated, not just for me but for others who are being treated this way. I have since, cancelled my Direct TV subscription with them and I have had to down-grade the Internet service, in order to subsidize my total bill with AT&T. I would prefer not to escalate this complaint in the legal arena, so I am reaching out to you. I would like for AT&T to cancelled the installment payments for this “alleged” FREE phone, make the necessary adjustments to my bill, and unlock my phone, so that I may seek service elsewhere. Thank you and regards,

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