Airbnb Complaint

Airbnb Complaint

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I checked into a place with excessive mold, a broken bed, broken window blinds, which afforded no privacy and sustained personal injury in the unit. I reported this to the host. He failed to do anything. I begged AirBNB to let me move out (48 day rental) they told me they would help and I should leave because I was sick. (I have extensive documentation of everything) . They then told me to rebook another place, which I did. Fiinally, they canceled (without my consent) the old reservation and charged me for 38 unused days. I did not cancel. The owner was abusive and made fun of me and banned me from his house. Then some random mediator told me it was over. At many points, people told me specific things like I was getting $2807 back checkout 5/12 case closed. This happened over and over again.

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Refund. Address personal injury claim.

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