USAA Complaint

USAA Complaint

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After improperly restricting my online account access and closing all my accounts except for my current auto loan, USAA stopped sending me statements for my auto loan. I made many requests for physical statements to be sent as USAA prevented me from accessing them online. USAA kept stating they would have them sent but they never came. My auto loan was auto paid from my USAA checking account. Which after USAA closed my checking account payment was unable to be made for my auto loan. Even though USAA was failing to provide account statements as legally required, I still attempted to pay my auto loan monthly. I would call in an attempt to make a payment over the phone, but was told by USAA every time payments from external accounts were not allowed at that time, and USAA had closed my internal account. WIth USAA refusing to accept payment from external or internal accounts and refusing to provide account statements the auto loan ended up in collections and eventually reposition. It wasn’t until the account entered into repo status that USAA was finally willing to accept external payments and the loan was brought current immediately. USAA also credited back all the fees, interest, finance and repo charges which were assessed due to their error. If only this had solved all the issues. As a result of the auto loan entering into reposetion USAA began and has continued to report my auto loan as being 2 months late on my credit reports. This has tanked my credit score and resulted in American Express closing my accounts along with other financial damages. I have attempted to correct this with USAA to no avail.

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Correct all my credit reports and pay all financial damages which resulted from their many errors and violations.

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