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Published on May 14, 2019

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Worked uber one year and half. With high rating 4.96. Never had any complaint with any. Customer.

Dec 3 2018 picked up drunk lady ffrom apke bees restaurant to adrees sh put it in the app. When ireached her address she said its not het addess. I asked if she dont know address and she eas drunk. I told that i can To call her family. To give her directions. She refused then eventuslly she got off the car.

With in 5 minutes i picked up another customer. Ok

And i worked till late night.

Couple of days uber told me to. Police for potential witness idid. And itold. Police this lady eas. Intoxicated her friends tild to take her home. I afraid since she was extremely drunk. Then i turned on my other phone audio videobrecording gor my safety and for her safety. I could listen audio from begining of trip to end .

She claimed she eas secualy assaulted snd punch of lies.

As i gathered police invisyigation. And gorensic from hospital reports days she id not beong assaulted. Gps from uber and awks police gps forensic states there is no enough time for me yo commit a crime. She claims i talk her house with grage sexualy asulted 3 or 4 hours. Thats lie iwas working 5 hours street.. Basicly i have 5 evidence.

1 Audio recording
2 droppe d her 10. 29 pm
3. 10.35 pm picked up another customer.
4. Worked till t am.
5. Gps data.
6. Police detective cleared me wtong doing.
7. Her friends say she was sexually assaulted years ago at college .she drinks too much she things sexual assaulted..
8. Forensic and police detective. Conclusion nothong happened..

My points uber deactivated me wrong and accuse me wtong. I eas provifing service thier customer rhe damege i incured for 4 months $15000 pluss damage i incured my name. And my dignity. I fobt sleep night ifeel ashamed ineed damge worth then 90.000 dollar .

If you help me idont went ever to work uber.

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Damage small court claim $ 15000


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