AT&T Wireless Complaint

Published on May 14, 2019

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I have a multiline account with at&t. I HAD the $50 monthly plan, me being the primary owner of this plan. The other person,who had ABSOLUTELY NO AUTHORIZATION TO MAKE CHANGES, decided to go change MY prepay plan to the $65 monthly plan and they NOT ONLY ALLOWED IT they refused to fix the problem by switching it back to MY original plan. So now my plan has gone from a total of $78 a month to $108 a month. I have spoken with management about this and gone as far as I am able to resolve this issue.Prior to this my service had been off for a short time and they took the second person on my plans number and gave it to someone else. Which they had no right to do. I am IRATE that they feel they have the right to force me to take a plan I did NOT order and DO NOT want. Thank you and I hope someone will help me end at&t bullying people around.

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