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Published on May 14, 2019

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Lyft took 299$ out of my 83yr old mother’s checking account for 4 months. She never signed up for that type of acct. My sis set it up for her. Not only did they take the money but they also charged her for rides. The bank says that they obviously either made a mistake or intentionally tried to fraud. Other accts thebank says from timeshare companies deduct for rides. My mother doesn’t even know how to send a text message and rarely uses lyft. They don’t get back to you or answer phone. The bank says too much time had elapsed for them to fight. My mother didn’t realize what had happened until she couldn’t get money out of her acct to pay bills. Why would they deserve to keep nearly $1200.00 of anyone’s money who had not used that degree of expense in service? I personally dislike this company and have never used. Now that they took money from my elderly mothers meager means and is forcing her to pay to go to small claims i despise them. I used this site to find out where they are located to sue then in small claims.

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Give my mother her money back stop avoiding contacting her or her daughters. She needs that money NOW to live. $1200.00 plus court fees and pain and suffering for making her do without. How old must we get before we start to get respected as what the bible calls mighty years? After 3 score and ten you are declared mighty and blessed by God. Only not by man.

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