Airbnb Complaint

Airbnb Complaint

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I was kicked out of a place I booked early because the host that was living in the space got tired of having a dog in the house. I left and just asked her to refund the remainder of my trip. She declined and said she was retaining it for all of the damage I caused. She said she would have to replace her door, repair her deck, get a special cleaner for the deck, get a cleaner for hundreds of dollars to clean the hand made quilt she put on the bed for us to use, and so on. After waiting several weeks for air bnb to get back to me they only refunded me $400 out of the almost $1,000 I had remaining in my trip. I was essentially charged $500-$600 in damages not committed. They also did not provide me with any receipts or tell me what damage I caused.

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I am requesting a refund for the full remaining amount of my trip.

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