American Airlines Complaint

American Airlines Complaint

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American Airlines had lost my luggage and I had filled out a passenger property questionnaire to claim for the amount lost. After their review, they are claiming the receipt for the Louis Vuitton (LV) hang bag I provided is fake. They claimed they had called LV and this purchase is not in their records. I explained to them that the hang bag was given to me by my close friend and this is the receipt of a legitimate purchase at LV. My case manager at American Airlines said I could respond to the email and repeal it. As I was expressing my frustration, my case manager hangs up on me so I called back and spoke to a different representative who also said I could repeal it and then the case would be brought up to the supervisor for further discussions/investigation. A minute later, I received a call from the supervisor saying it a fraudulent receipt and that they would put a representative from Louis Vuitton on the phone to confirm this. Since I did not trust this would be real representative from LV, I asked them to provide me the phone number they used to call LV, but he refused. I also stated that I would go and verify this receipt, but he had no interest in this at all. Then he goes on to tell me that there will be no appeal and this is a final decision and hangs up on me.

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I would like American Airlines to reimburse me for the items I had in my luggage in which they lost.

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