AT&T Wireless Complaint

Published on May 17, 2019

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On Thursday, 4/25/19, my Apple Iphone 7 Plus stopped making calls. On Friday 4/26/19, I went to the local Poway ATT Store who tried to fix it but only offered upgrading my phone or going to an Iphone repair center. I visited the repair center as they suggested at the ATT Store only to learn that the phone will no longer work bc the microphone aka motherboard is out. So, since this is the first issue I have had with my phone ever, we called assurant and filed a claim. I received a phone Saturday, 4/27/19. Unfortunately, I was sent a broken phone. After spending 4 hours in an ATT Store and 2 hours on the phone – I was finally told to return the phone back to assurant by Cindy who also stated they will refund me the $112 fee that was assessed once the phone was received. She did want me to call back as soon as the phone was in the mail to look up tracking info. So on Monday 4/29/19 at 11:25 AM PST I called and spoke to Cindy who said yes, I see tracking and we will go ahead and apply the refund. Well I got my bill yesterday. It still shows $112 fee. I called today and spoke with many different reps, Christian, Amy, Mary, Andrew, Mark – and after having been on the phone for more than 3 hours. I finally gave up. Things to note: I was a very loyal customer, who paid her bill on time in an orderly fashion, never complained or had any issues, used ATT for home services and business services, recommended them to family/friends, etc. but after this I truly feel no one cares. No one cares about Loyalty. No one cares about the little guy – me. SO, I switched to Verizon. However, I have not been able to get that simple $112 credit that is owed to me from a phone that was sent to me that was broken and that was suppose to fix my already broken phone. I am not sure how to best say this but ATT sucks and someone out there must be made aware of where I am coming from and is able to apply $112 credit to my account as promised. Please don’t tell me that a BILLION dollar company cannot do so. That is unacceptable reasoning. I am not sure how else to report this but I will certainly be making complaints on the better business bureau and google reviews, etc.

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