24 Hour Fitness Complaint

Published on May 19, 2019

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They refused to re-add my Son to our family plan after we stopped his usage for 1 month. Then forced another full contract for my Son. Then changed a letter in his last name and created another contract for my Son. Meaning 24 hour fitness charged my Son 3 full membership fees for 1 account. When they refused to stop charging us for 3 full accounts(They said we agreed to this) we stopped our bank from allowing them to charge our account, and started to pay our bill in cash. Now even though we are fully paid up they refuse to let my Son in the gym until we put another credit card on file. We have stopped using 24 hour fitness and changed to a more reputable gym(L.A. Fitness). 24 hour fitness continues to charge us for the 3 memberships.

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Refund the stolen money. Stop charging us for our memberships

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