Google Fi Complaint

Google Fi Complaint

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Google Fi is a phone plan offered by Google LLC which has a trade-in program to let new customers trade-in their old phones for credit card refunds. As shown in, customers can get an estimation for their old phones by specifying the type and conditions of their old phone. I got an estimation by providing the information truthfully, which misled me to purchase a new phone and their phone plan as I’m expecting a $168 refund by trading in my old phone which has screen cracks but can be powered on. However, after I sent my old phone to them, they claim the phone is not what I described and only $9.85 refund can be given to me. I contacted google fi support team,

only to get contradictory information about the condition of my old phone, one of them argues the phone cannot be powered on and has cracks, another says the trade-in price is $9.85 because the phone has a cracked screen. After one-week tedious communication, they declined to consider changing the refund or sending my old phone back to me. Interestingly, the trade-in inspection seems to be done by another company called Hyla Mobile inc., and the trade-In Terms & Conditions state that customers have to accept any price offered by this company, no matter how much the estimation is. It is simply absurd that the same Terms & Conditions claim the company can send your phone back to you while in reality the company just refused to do so. There is also an arbitration clause in the fine prints

saying any dispute can only be resolved individually in small claims court in Santa Clara County, CA, which prevents potential lawsuit effectively.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
Either refund the dollar amount to match the original estimation, or send the old phone back to me.

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