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Published on May 20, 2019

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T-Mobile owes me a refund of $1,015. I moved my business to a location in October 2018, where T-Mobile was not receiving good reception, if at all. I transferred my 2 cellphone lines to a new carrier. I tried logging into my T-Mobile online account to see if it showed things closing out, but it was cancelled. I also did not receive any further statements from T-Mobile and assumed this meant everything was taken care of. With the move and a long awaited vacation, I didn’t notice they continued to charge my credit card until February 2019. I called at that time and requested a refund, I never heard back from them. I was then charged for another month. I called again 2 more times and they said they would submit or the refund and it would show up on my credit card in 5 business days. That did not happen. On my last call I was told my request was denied. Her supervisor offered to credit me $120 (a portion of the last payment they took from me after notification). I asked her to submit the request again and note that I would be taking legal action.

T-Mobile says the other 2 lines were not cancelled when my cellphones ported to the new carrier. These other 2 lines I knew nothing about, I think they came along as a promotion when I opened the account for a tablet and a mobile internet line. I don’t believe these were ever used and in my old statements, I don’t see any use on them. They tell me that I needed to call to cancel the other 2 lines. I said you cancelled my login and stopped sending me statements, so how would I know what you are charging me for. They told me their system shows they were mailing statements to me. I had several bills forwarded to me after the October move, nothing from T-Mobile. I told them if statements were returned to you, you should have done something, they said nothing shows in their system that statements were returned. If I didn’t get them and they weren’t returned, they just disappeared, I doubt that.

I seem to recall something similar happening to me when I left Verizon to start TMobile, but it was only a month or two before I noticed. Verizon refunded the money with the first phone call.

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