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Published on May 21, 2019

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Prolonged action, wrong changes, insurance doesn’t work, customer service plays you in circles, charged for a line that sprint confirmed was shut off, haven’t gotten a refund, false advertisements on new account buy one get one free, random charges not explained, inflated prices….. I got a nearly $300 bill and the second line is still on, I had to cancel a number that I had for 5 years because I couldn’t get the phone repaired with the insurance I paid for, total not what was explained. much more.

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refund ALL my money and remove all charges to my name all payments made on leased everything stops the account and leave me the hell alone pay for all my time and emotional distress seriously contemplated suicide over a flipping phone how stressed and how I wasn’t going anywhere. I had to cry the last few nights because something that should be so simple is the most stressful and depressing experience of my life.

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