AT&T Wireless Complaint

Published on May 21, 2019

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My name is ****. I was an at&t customer for many years. I also was a direct tv customer. My compliant is that i purchased two phone’s from at&t a while back along with two wireless services at 40 dollars a piece plus the price of each phone which came to around 127.00 a month . I paid one of the phone’s off early and canceled one of the lines which should have saved me the 40.00 a month. When it did not save the 40.00 i called at&t to ask why , they did not have a good answer but if i wanted to save money on my bill that i should bundle my direct tv with my wireless and save money that way. Big MISTAKE! My bill showed a 10.00 savings but somehow i was paying even more. When i paid my second phone off istarted looking for a different wireless company to go with. I found one in January of this year. On January 5th 2019 i called at&t and canceled my wireless service. The billing cycle ended January 6th or 7th and i changed service on the 5th . When i received my bill near the end of January they charged me for my direct tv and it still had the wireless charges on it. I called and spoke to someone who said it was a mistake and not to pay it and they would send a revised bill in February. When i received that one it still had the wireless charges on it plus a late fee. I called and tried to explain the situation but at that point I’ve had enough. I sent two checks for the amount of the direct tv both of which they cashed. I then called called and canceled the direct tv before the end of the billing cycle for February which was paid. I received the boxes and instructions to send their equipment back via the postal service which i did. They are now sending me a bill threatening to turn me in to a collection agency, ruining my credit and if they don’t receive their equipment that i will be charged for that too. Im tired of dealing with them. Talking to them on the phone isn’t working. I don’t owe them a penny.

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