Hertz Rent-A-Car Complaint

Hertz Rent-A-Car Complaint

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After paying $574 including $200 deposit fee. I was also charged additional $114. But Let me start from the beginning. I mistakenly assumed that my rental was suppose to be returned on 05-21-19 but I found out from a hertz manager that if I do not return the rental on 05-20-19, $12 late fee will be taken out of my $200 deposit. But less then 24 hours I was charged $114, at first I thought it was normal until hertz tried taking additional $230 the day after. Their return policy states

‘Late Return Fee – This fee of $12 per day, up to a maximum of five days or $60, will be applied if you return the vehicle more than 12 hours after the date and time previously scheduled, and you failed to notify Hertz as such change more than 24 hours prior to your scheduled return time by calling 1-800-654-4174.’

On 05-20-19 that manager failed to inform me that I have to extend my reservation. On 05-23-19 @9:30 contacted hertz again to find out the reason why I was being charged $230. The rep couldn’t fully explain to me why I was being charged $230 but she did tell me that the $12 a day will not be coming out of my $200 deposit. At that point I was pissed. Then another manager told me that I will have pay additional $190 when returning the car back. Which nothing made sense honestly, I felt like I was mislead, There’s two managers telling me two different things. Just because of the first manager misleading information, the $114 isn’t refundable and I have to pay additional $190. All in total that’s around $878. Is this ok ?

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Compensate me for financial frustration and waive the $190 charge.

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