DirecTV Complaint

DirecTV Complaint

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We enrolled in Direct TV service as of 06/2015 by phone. We where supposed to get a monthly price for 29.99 for the first year. We were supposed to get three units for three rooms. We only got two. Direct TV never rectified the situation. Furthermore they kep increasing the monthly rate (within a year) and we had to keep calling to inquire about the increasing fees. It would take up to 4 hrs each call, sometimes we had to give up after a couple hrs on hold because that’s how long they would have customers waiting. In the rare event we would get someone, they would run around the issue and state that they had a right to increase rates even with an agreed term contract, rendering their own contract null and void. We never got the channels requested either, and the signal was always screwed up and pixelated. The technician who came over to install the satellite also made a hole on the floor of one of the rooms, through the expensive hardwood and hardboard all the way to the crawl space. Direct TV refused to repair the damage, the same rare times we got ahold of customer service they would also dismiss us, refusing to connect us with a department in charge of this issue and stating it was solely the tech’s responsibility (a tech they sent themselves) We finally had it and on August 2015 we called to cancel the service (only 2 months in) due to lack of satisfaction with the service, as none of the agreed upon terms were honored, rendering the whole deal a scam on us. We were told we could switch to Dish or do whatever we wanted and were sent a box, so we returned equipment. We made sure our bank at the time blocked Direct TVs attempts at charging us for service we no longer had. Their own records show they kept attempting to charge us until Jan 2016 as if we still had service, but we didn’t. Now they are trying to coerce a payment from us by ruining my credit with a collections report. I never provided my social security to them. Nor did I engage in a credit loan. I paid the month ahead during duration of service, and returned the equipment when I realized Direct TV was engaging in fraud with the contract, the lack of response, the changing monthly fees etc. They claim they adjusted the equipment fee as a “courtesy” when in fact we returned it in the box they provided. They responded to my FCC complaints stating that they stand behind what they say we owe and that they want to talk to you, but send me to a collections agency they named”office of the president” in an attempt to trap the consumer into restarting the claim and perpetuating what is in fact a fraudulent credit report on their part.

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