American Home Shield Complaint

American Home Shield Complaint

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Saturday may 25th 2019 we called home shield as our air conditioner was not running properly. The fan would stop and no air, work then not. I live in orange city fl and temps today were 94 and will be higher through labor day. So we called they said they could not send anyone to fix as its saturday on a holiday weekend unless the temps were 105 degrees. I am 62 disabled my husband is 68 and we told them this. To bad it has to be 105 for an emergency call. We got it in case something happened. It did and now they will not come.

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Told us we would have to wait till Tues the day after labor day and upon looking at the company they were going to send, many people put terrible cases against the company. Actually breaking equipment in order to make them buy a new one.

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