Cricket Wireless Complaint

Cricket Wireless Complaint

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I bought a cricket phone on November 25 2018 and i paid phone in full through progressive leasing. On march 14 i was schedule by cricket wireless to take my iphone xs max to apple care because it was having multiple issues. That cricket customer support could not help with. Long story short my iphone xs max had to be replaced due to device hardware issues. This is where the issue lies. Cricket does not want to unlock my phone because they said when i had defective device replaced it started the clock over again on time on term. So that would mean i would have to stay with criket another 6 months totaling a 1 year. After speaking with multiple representatives and managers from crickets customer service support,There is no resolution. I asked them to provide in writing about a phone that has been replaced due to defectiveness and they could not. At this point i want my phone unlocked or a full refund for money i spent on phone and the 6 months of payments i made.

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