AT&T Wireless Complaint

AT&T Wireless Complaint

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I recently took a cruise vacation. Upon the ship’s departure out to sea, I received a text message from AT&T asking if I’d like to add the cruise pkg (for an extra $100) to my wireless account so that I could continue to use my wireless service without incurring further fees. At no point when I added that plan/pkg did it mention there was a 200MB data usage limit, therefore I assumed it was unlimited. A few days into the cruise I then suddenly received another text from AT&T saying that I’ve already gone over $100 the data usage limit and that my service was endanger of being terminated. Upon receiving that I immediately shut-off my phone for the duration of my trip as not to incur any further charges. Then when I received my bill it showed that I had an extra $232 in charges ($100 – cruise pkg, $132 – overages which was 66MB charged at $2/MB).

I would like to dispute the $132 charge because I find it outrageous that I should be charged the overage amount when the company never mentioned that:

1) there was a 200MB limit to the plan

2) Not once did I receive a text warning me I was approaching my limit

3) The system waited until I had already incurred over $100 in charges before alerting me, therefore showing that it could’ve alerted me earlier but they’ve set up their system to wait for charges to be incurred before alerting the customer.

Based on the above mentioned issues, I feel that the company needs to waive the overage fees or come up with another solution that would fix the billing so that no charges would be incurred for the overage. There was never any communication made to the customer about the potential for overage fees to be incurred once the limit was reached. I feel wronged and it really begs the question as to AT&T’s practices and how many other customers have been victimized by this flaw in their system.

When I called their customer service dept and after explaining all this, I was told that charges were valid and that they couldn’t waive the fees. After being a loyal customer for over 15 years, there was nothing they could do.

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