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Published on May 25, 2019

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Money back guarantee as a buyer.

I purchased an item online in Germany and since I had my suspicions about the authenticity of the product, a pair of Cartier sunglasses, I paid 165€ through PayPal goods and services for the peace of mind with money back guarantee.

The article turned out to be fake and I tried contacting the seller for about 2 days but didn’t get a response. Only when I opened an inquiry with PayPal did he reach out. He accepted my return offer and so I had my address warehouse return it.

It was returned as a back to sender, bearing the same tracking number.

The item was successfully returned although the tracking indicates it was left with a neighbor.

PayPal is compelling me to show proof of delivery which I can’t Fron the US. The seller claims to not have received it and so I tried opening an inquiry with DHL but unfortunately only the seller can request that.

But the seller doesn’t feel compelled to and PayPal isn’t compelling him to.

I thought in good faith the seller should have opened the inquiry but he has no reason to since he has the money and probably the glasses.

PayPal didn’t do enough to protect me and so they should be responsible.

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