MetroPCS / Metro by T-Mobile Complaint

MetroPCS / Metro by T-Mobile Complaint

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I had problems if unlimited data service numbers of times, paid prorated fees and had them cancelled I paid more bills than months I was there, I reported a factory defect in my phone with customer service and retail store, had my Amazon cancelled once for no apparent reason and once without my authorized consent, when ask about going 4 days without service at all I was told the towers were down and my fiance and daughter had metro also and their service was great in same place, when ask to troubleshoot I plainly stated it wasn’t my service at the time and said NO TROUBLESHOOTING they did it twice and ask for a ticket to be written on 3 different occasions to no avail then when I ask questions I never got the proper answers they always changed topics, the last time my Amazon got cancelled without authorization my business order was cancelled for 2 day shipping and it cost me out if pocket $175 for travel to get what they screwed up and for I believe 56 days I ask for my 90 day manufacturers exchange I was told I wasn’t and the day of my suspended services I called and was told to go to upgrade my phone by customer appreciation went and they was going to take payment but when I ask about my upgrade they told me the system was already shut down it’s closing time and for 7 straight hours I couldn’t pay online because my information wasn’t in the system and prior I had my phone evaluated and metro was sucking my data

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