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Published on May 29, 2019

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I had the Bundle package with At&t which consist of cable, internet, WiFi, and cell phone a month. Well since I’ve been with At&t they’ve been over charging me by doubling my payments every month. I paid no less then $479 a month for the bundle package, so when I ask why is it costing so much, their customer service rep would say that they charge a month in advance. Well I got rid of the bundle package and went somewhere else for my cell phone needs. They also took money out of mine and my husbands account without being authorized to do so. We had two accounts with At&t being that our daughter was in college. I told them to cancel my account and that we will take our business somewhere else when they promised me free cable for the next 11 months. I was promised if I at least keep internet with them, then my bill will only be $30 a month. Well every month there after, they’ve been charging me over $500 just to have internet with them which only cost $30 bucks a month. Every time I call, I get put on hold for and hour and kept being transferred to different departments. I told them to cancel my service and that I will be going somewhere else is when they promised me free cable for 11 months and all I will have to pay if I stay with them is $30 for internet. I received a confirmation number and a name notated on the account as proof if I gave the the total balance of $476.78 which was more than what I owed just to get it at a zero balance. At&t guaranteed me free service but when I called, a customer service rep said that the information I told them was true and it was in their records Well when the next month came, My bill said that I owe them $500 again on the account just for having internet which only cost $30. I called again very upset to be left on hold again for over an hour and they kept switching me to different departments and still no help. nothing happened. I kept calling only for each customer service rep to say that the managers phone line was busy but they will have them call me back within 30 minutes, but never received a call at all. At&t has been ripping me off and owes me thousands!!!! Please have them investigated.

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