Verizon Wireless Complaint

Published on May 29, 2019

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Last month I wanted to trade my phone to Galaxy S10 + and went to Verizon authorized retailers on Geary boulevard. There an employee gave me Galaxy S10 instead of S10+ I noticed that when I went to another galaxy store in Stones town Gallery and I cane back to authorized retailers telling their mistake the person who gave the phone to me returned me back 2 times with different excuses and when I came the last time he was fired. I called customer service and the representative said that they will refund me everything I paid from activation fee to screen protector and case and tax I paid and then I returned the phone and traded again from the beginning to IPhone Max . They said that the money will be refunded 5 to 10 business days but it didn’t I called customer service 6 times every time they do not give me answers they tell me that they will call back or simply redirect me to another representative I become nervous and I am crying because of this problem. They also charged me two time activation fee.

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