AT&T Wireless Complaint

Published on June 2, 2019

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I asked to downgrade my mobile data plan from 15GB to 7GB. When I did this they said no problem they would take care of it, then they said since I had recently bought the new iPhone X that I was eligible for a free iPhone 8! And my mom still had the 6 so I thought great, I asked the guy several times if I would have to pay for an extra line, because I didn’t want to do that, and he said no. Well basically not only have I been charged for an extra line, but this supposedly “free” phone has been costing me $28 a month! For over 19 months now! I asked him several times to make sure that my mom’s number would remain the same, and that they wouldn’t charge me for an extra line, and he said no. He straight out lied to my face! Not only that but he never downgraded our data plan, and then a few months later…. I saw our data plan got upgraded to 30GB! I have paid close to $2,000 more than what I should have been charged! I want my money back from this lying stealing company!

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