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Published on June 2, 2019

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My Services was Interupted for non payment. Metro offeres 2 payment Extensions of 48 hrs each. I requested my 1st Extension after 48hrs i Requested a 2nd one and it was unsuccessful i proceeded to contact metro customer service i explained my situation with representative he then proceeded to inform me that metro no longer provides the 2 48 hr Extensions, it has been changed to 1 time Extension of 72 hrs. So i was not at all happy with that i then asked him if there is anything that could be done as a one-time courtesy and grab me one extension more due to the fact that I wasn’t aware I’m done change Norte ever send out a message explaining the change. He told me he was putting me on a brief hold so he can see how he can help me. He comes back to the line and tells me that he has sone great news he said to me congratulations i was able to grant you another extension he assured me and guaranteed my services for afew more days. He told me give it like 30 min and it will be working… Well that never happened MY SERVICES TO ALL 3 LINES NEVER came on again. I called customer service supervisor and I only got the runaround the rude they told me the total opposite of what I was told and I just think that this was not right no do I want to make them responsible and reliable for what came afterwards I slipped and fell andI broke I have a baby I have a daughter who needs her phone as she’s walking to school and I wasn’t able to use my phone because of my shows bad customer service my son has Down syndrome and he has many appointments weekly or therapy and I wasn’t able to use my phone to get the reminder calls etc this is has taken a toll on me emotionally physically and this is not right they cannot keep doing this to people they think they can get away with it well it’s not going to happen

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