Straight Talk Wireless or Walmart Family Mobile Complaint

Published on June 2, 2019

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I have paid two 35 dollar cards for another phone and then they told me they can’t help me to transfer a new number on my old phone I was giving to my niece so it went to my phone.. I put my sims card from my old phone into my new one and it’s been working for about a month then it stopped so I figured maybe only one got put on there that’s not right either they said then I bought another 45 dollar card and now their telling me they can’t help me and I have a 4 year old to take care of their telling me to go buy more stuff for my phone and i don’t have the money.. I want to sue them for not helping me properly and they don’t care how much money you waste they aren’t helping me! Please help me figure out how to do so. If someone could call me on my boyfriends phone to talk to me about this please do.. 903*******

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