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Published on June 3, 2019

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On 4/22 I called in and spoke with a customer service agent by the name of Chris/ CA3473

He assured me he was going to fix the charges on my current bill so that the amount passed due was 259.00 after the credits. He then stated he could move me to an unlimited plan for 289.00 a month including taxes and fees. On 5/3 I called back in and spoke with Jeff/ ja834f. I expressed my frustration and asked him to pull the tape. He assured me it would get escalated to management that same day and I would get a call in 7-10 business days from management about the recording. It has been a month today since my conversation with Jeff and I still have not heard from management. I took the morning off work to get this resolved. I have been on the phone with different agents since 8:50am. Alex/ AG899K who finally transferred me at 9:08am to Erica in customer loyalty/ AM809W or 198715 not sure since I was given both. At 10:09 Erica decided I should be transferred to some national center but then I was disconnected. After numerous call back attempts I finally reach Clifford in customer loyalty who refused to give me his ID number. He assured me he would have a manger call me back within 15 minutes. It is now after noon and I am yet to hear from anyone trying to resolve my conflict. My bill was supposed to be 282.00 and it is 901.00. That is for April and May. I have been trying to get this resolved so that I can make the April payment before May was even due. At most my bill should be 564.00 for the both months not 901.00. AT&T is a joke. I have been a loyal customer since 2004 and this is how I get treated!

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